We are a second generation family run Studio and have been in this business for over 40 years. We've maintained our status as an independent school of dance, so we can offer you the very best and most up to date teaching methods available.

We truly believe there is no other studio in the Indianapolis area that can match our combination of lesson quality and cost (More info on the FAQ's page).


Our teaching methods encompass two main lesson paths depending on the needs and desires of each individual/couple:

In the comprehensive approach a student follows our syllabus, which includes both steps and styling, using accepted American & International standards. There are bronze, silver, & gold medals in both American & International styles. Additionally, each of these medals encompasses a number of milestones that are achieved on your journey to full medal status.

This is the path that most students choose and will lead to the most diverse and well rounded dancing ability.

The custom approach is used when individuals/couples come to us with a desire to learn specific dances. We will design a custom program that focuses on their areas of interest. Many students will ultimately convert to a comprehensive program, but that is their option. We also specialize in wedding dances; music selection, and choreography – please see that page for details.


Our instructors are selected for their dancing aptitude and love of teaching. If you're concerned that you may feel uncomfortable or self conscious - don't worry. Our instructors will make you immediately feel at ease and you'll thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Training for our instructors is intensive and long term. When they aren't teaching lessons; they're being trained themselves. This pattern of teaching and training continues no matter how many years they teach for us. They're extremely knowledgeable and teach in a manner that is compatible with the way each individual/couple learns.


Dance Instruction at Scott Dance Studio is a 3 part process:

This system has proven to be the most effective way to promote rapid learning and retention.

Students purchase private lessons; the group lessons and practice parties are included at no additional cost.